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The Big Brain Summit

September 13th - 15th

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered...

"Am I Limited?  Have I Reached My Potential Even though I feel Like there is so Much More?

We have all seen people who just seem to be unshakeable and achieve whatever they put their minds to.  They have a definiteness of purpose that drives them but how did they develop this mindset?

"How is someone like me... who knows there is more but the voice in their head just keeps telling them 'you are not enough' get the tools they need to overcome?"

You are not alone... I asked myself these same questions...

Over the past number of years I have been on a mission to understand how the brain works.  I ended up in silent retreats that pushed my mind to the edge.  I went to years of therapy which made me question what my true purpose was.  I even quit my job to pursue a software start up but still struggled to find meaning.

But only after I started to understand how the mind actually works, guided by modern science, was I really able to start making the changes that I needed.

I don't know if you are the same as me but I was the Kid who drove my parents crazy saying 'Yeah but Why'?

The study of the brain and its neuroplasticity got me excited but until I started listening to neuroscientists break down the things you can do in your everyday life that make these changes occur did I realize how powerful the brain's ability to change truly was.  

No one has written the definitive manual for the brain yet so I thought at least I could bring together the best of the best to tell you first hand of their amazing findings!

Here is the message I sent to the experts, just hoping they would be willing to share their revolutionary breakthroughs with the rest of us.

Hello (Insert Esteemed Brain Expert's Name),

I have a few quetions that I hope you can answer.

What do we need to understand about the brain to turn down the voice in our heads, overcome anxiety, alleviate stress, and reduce worry so we can become our best selves?

Oh and can you put it in layman's terms?

~ Dane Ellis

I wanted to know EXACTLY how trauma can trigger our brains to  grow during this uniquely stressful time in history.  Just understanding what the experts know can give us the edge in navigating these new times?

I decided to reach out to the top brain experts and asked them if they would be willing to share how understanding the brain's plasticity can help to overcome our struggles.

I was touched by the response I got, most were willing to make the time to share their insight and wisdom with us.

Their advice on how the brain can change to help us navigate anxiety, stress, and worry SHOCKED me. I kept being amazed by realizing there was so much I didn't know when it came to the VALUE of applying the POWER of understanding how the brain truly works!

The information they share is authentic and clear...
These experts are truly trying to make a difference in the world.  Each one of them is on a mission to deliver a message of hope to all who will listen...

The brain is not fixed but it can change.  When we experience anxiety, stress and worry we are simply firing certain parts of our brain, but we can learn to fire other more pleasurable circuits.  The brain can even grow and flourish as we get older!

A Message Of Hope 

... I discovered that the problem is we don't know how limitless we truly are.  If we knew how the brain adapts and how easy it is to get started we would see the world and our place in it much differently, we would realize There Is Always Hope.

Anxiety, Stress, And Worry...
so much of the suffering is because we don't understand our brain. Increasing this understanding will
always lead to FREEDOM!!!

I had so many questions:

1. What role does the brain play in anxiety? 
2. How can we rewire our brain to become resilient to stress and worry?
3. How much potential does the brain have to change and transform itself.  Are we LIMITLESS?

I have struggled with anxiety, self doubt, and never feeling like I had direction in life.  This is why I have been so thorough in my search for answers and so excited to share with all of you what I know  to work.

I was so grateful for the insights that these experts gave me. The interviews solidified how important this information was and how it could truly help people who felt stuck... I knew how sharing these insights would impact so many and help them to overcome!

The Brain is like a Muscle but You Have To Know How To Exercise It!!!!

Through my own journey I have been amazed by the importance of understanding how to relax my mind.  Most of us know how to relax our bodies but few of us can truly find the stillness we all desire.  After interviewing many brilliant minds who excel in explaining how our brains work and how to optimize it, I am TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully apply these scientifically backed strategies, will gain a better understanding of how to process their emotions, calm that inner voice, and find a peace that exists in every one of us.  

And that is when it hit me...

I needed to share this with everyone.

Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like They Are "Stuck" or “A Failure” or
“Lost” Seeking Answers...

Needs These Interviews

This information is so valuable and worth so much to so many I thought what if I we could figure out how to get these experts to do the interview for free...

If we were to charge what these interviews are worth it would defeat the entire purpose of this summit which is to show people that there are answers to their problems that are just being uncovered by the latest cutting edge science...

I knew that if I charged we would not get the information to those who need it the MOST...

"What If I Could Get These Doctors, Thinkers and Neuroscientists to Give us Actionable Advice Grounded In Science Around How The Brain Works And Then We All Got Together And Told Everyone We Knew So We Could Get This Information To Everyone Who Will Listen?"

So, I emailed the most amazing minds and many responded...

And I Asked Them The Unthinkable...

 Would You Be Willing To Share This With Everyone...


Some people said they wouldn't do it and others asked for as much as $25,000 just to give an hour of their time...

But lucky for us ONE said YES...

And Then Another!  And Another! ....

And At Last 17 Brilliant Minds Agreed To Do A Video Interview And Offer Actionable Advice That Can Change Your Life Simply By Understanding How to Change Your Brain!!!

So, WHO were the ones generous enough to help serve you by personally giving up their time to  explain how your brain actually works... so you can get limited-time access to these interviews FOR FREE!?!

Let Me Introduce The Dream Team:

Howard Berg

Speed Reading
Learn from the world's fastest reader as he breaks down how we read and gives us tools to increase our reading speed!

Tansel Ali

Build Your Memory
From Australia this man has memorized two complete phone books and shows us how our mind works when it comes to memory.

Dr. Luana Marques  

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This esteemed Dr. breaks down cognitive behavioural therapy and how it can help us to overcome.

Dr. Tharaka

Motivation And Goals
Dr. T explains the science of how the brain works when it comes to getting ourselves motivated, delivering on our goals, and becoming our best selves.

Dr. Diana Hill

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Learn how this cutting edge science-backed therapy is helping people understand their mind and find their purpose.

Stefanie Faye

When we learn new things there is a discomfort. Stefanie explains why we feel this way and helps us build a mindset of resilience to overcome. 

Lili Gordon

Breath Work
Lili gives a masterclass in breath work where all of your anxiety will wash away and you will be left with clarity, peace and a deeper connection with self.

Rebekkah LaDyne

Mind-Body Stress Reset
We all know what it feels to be stressed out and not able to relax. Rebekkah gives us a simple set of tools we can use to calm the body.

Andrea Samadi

Social And Emotional Learning
Andrea shares her insights into social and emotional learning to help us understand the tools we need to excel in education and in life.

Michelle Myrick

The Art of Awareness
Michelle helps people find their passion through art. Utilizing her unique approach, individuals uncover deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Dr. Marc Milstein

Sleep Secrets
We all feel better when we get a good night's sleep. In this talk we learn how sleep is important, and some simple techniques to help us get there.

Dr. Debbie Sorensen

Emotional Intelligence
It is so important to understand how to navigate our emotions. In this talk Dr. Sorensen helps us understand our emotions and how to increase our EI.

Kam Knight

This prolific author and deep thinker shows us why concentration is so important as a building block to mind mastery.

Dr. Shane Creado

Peak Sleep
Dr. Creado wrote the book "Peak Sleep" where he explains how sleep effects the brain. In this talk he lays out clearly how important sleep is for brain health.

Brad Lantz

Using hypnotherapy and other techniques, Brad is able to go deep into the brain and uncover trauma where it began.  

Dr. John Ratey

Your Brain On Exercise
Dr. Ratey who authored the book "Spark" explores how exercise has profound effects on our brains and can even make our brain grow!

Dr. Dawson Church

Bliss Brain
Dr. Church shares insights from his book "Bliss Brain" and shows us that anyone can find states of bliss without 1000's of hours of mediation.

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Yes, that is my “evil” motivation… to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 17 people are giving you.

So that’s it!  

Just a commitment that YOU need to make. 

• A commitment to register…
• A commitment to show up…
• And a commitment to implement...

I can’t wait to see how far you go with this. 

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside of the members area!

Dane Ellis

P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is. 

When you register for the Big Brain Summit, you’ll get access (for free!) to all the interviews with 17 of the world's finest brain experts showing you what they’d do to OVERCOME Anxiety, Stress, and Worry...

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